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     Early Childhood Educational Enrichment in Mathematics, Reading, Cursive Penmanship, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics as well as other subjects


     Ronda Gibeau M.ED. ECE Gen. SP. ED. is an Early Childhood Teacher, who has experience working with infants, toddlers, pre-primary, and primary school children in both daycare and school settings. Believing that all children are capable of learning and achieving success, the earlier the exposure to foundational educational key concepts, the better at building the framework for fostering strong outcomes in learning.


     Early Childhood Developmentalists/ Researchers indicate that children's optimal brain development is from birth to age five years when rapid connections in the brain are taking place! It is important to provide early reading and math experiences to not only primary and pre-primary age children but to toddlers and infants alike! Make Way For Learning, LLC offers pre-reading, reading, language experiences, phonemic awareness, sounds, rhyme, repetition, print awareness, segmenting, sorting, counting, numeral and letter identification involving "Hand to Head experiences,"  through varied learning modalities and styles, to give children the best head start needed for success in school!


     At Make Way For Learning, LLC,  each child learns at their own individual pace with respect to their preferred learning style to foster personal growth and development! Enrichment, Reading Readiness and Math Activities are offered to engage children. Cursive writing is offered for third graders and up! Instruction is available for many subject areas. Call today for more details! Serving Exeter, Hampton, Stratham, Epping, Brentwood and the New Hampshire seacoast area.

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